Ik ben Peter Breuls. Ik schrijf webapplicaties in PHP, filmreviews en onregelmatig iets op deze weblog. Welkom!
Onder de naam Devize ben ik beschikbaar als developer of consultant voor websites of webapplicaties.
Ik ben werkzaam als Administrator bij online community FOK! en als Lead Developer bij frontoffice-leverancier SIMgroep.

Ubuntu Landscape

Linux / Techreageer

Canonical: "Landscape provides users with a hosted web interface on which all machines are registered. From this single interface, packages and security updates are deployed to the entire network of servers and/or desktops with a single click. Additionally a wealth of monitoring data is provided graphically to the administrator showing process and resource use as well as flagging any available security fixes for the system."

Wow. Cool. Seems like a real time saver; currently, when I have to apply changes to a group of machines, I find myself logging in and out of each of them and that's not very funny when you know your server farm increases in size regularly...