Ik ben Peter Breuls. Ik schrijf webapplicaties in PHP, filmreviews en onregelmatig iets op deze weblog. Welkom!
Onder de naam Devize ben ik beschikbaar als developer of consultant voor websites of webapplicaties.
Ik ben werkzaam als Administrator bij online community FOK! en als Lead Developer bij frontoffice-leverancier SIMgroep.

Ubuntu is here

Linux / Techreageer

The new Ubuntu is out. It's version 6.06 LTS, in which LTS stands for Long Term Support. For desktops, this means that for 3 years, packages wil be kept up-to-date with security patches. For server users this is 5 years.

Ubuntu logo

I run a few Ubuntu machines myself. Some desktops, some servers. My desktop PC at home was the first one. It started with Ubuntu Hoary, now runs Breezy and in a few days or weeks, when I have time, it will be upgraded to Dapper, which is the code name for 6.06.

Ubuntu is easy to use, based upon Debian, which rocks, and alltogether a great platform for any desktop or server. Really. You should try it!