Ik ben Peter Breuls. Ik schrijf webapplicaties in PHP, filmreviews en onregelmatig iets op deze weblog. Welkom!
Onder de naam Devize ben ik beschikbaar als developer of consultant voor websites of webapplicaties.
Ik ben werkzaam als Administrator bij online community FOK! en als Lead Developer bij frontoffice-leverancier SIMgroep.

Guess what? No whine!


Allright, the MacBook Pro arrived yesterday, and like a kid at Christmas, I was very happy to be able to start using it. What a great machine. It's thin, light-weight, looks great and is really fast. Also, Mac OSX is quite nice to work with, although I still need some getting used to.

The problems I was afraid of? Almost none. Really! There's no noise. Not from the screen, not from the CPU, fans, harddrive, etcetera. It's silent, and I like it. There's only one thing: it's hot. The left-hand side of the body gets considerably hotter than the right hand side, and when resting my hand on it for a while, it gets irritated a bit. I don't know if that's just getting used to, or really a manufacturing mistake. I'll see how it works out for me the next couple of days.

All in all: I'm very happy. It's a cool machine, nice to work with, fast, easy... I love it!