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MacBook in transit


I've been looking at a TNT tracking page for the past few days. My MacBook is paid for, assembled and on its way to me. Today it arrived in Amsterdam:

02 May  13:18  Rotterdam   Delivered 
02 May 09:57 Rotterdam Out For Delivery
02 May 05:52 Rotterdam Import Received
01 May 19:38 Arnhem Hub Consignment Received At Transit Point
01 May 19:35 Arnhem Hub Consignment Passed Through Transit Point
01 May 14:21 Amsterdam Consignment Received At Transit Point
30 Apr 14:32 Shanghai Shipped From Originating Depot
29 Apr 10:06 Shanghai Consignment Received At Transit Point

Now, I live in Rotterdam, and I assume that all TNT has to do is bring the thing to me. So I might have it tomorrow, unless for some reason it doesn't get picked up from Amsterdam. To save myself from dissappointment, I won't get my hopes up too high, but I'm getting really excited now...

Update: okay, it's in Arnhem now. That's not closer to where I live, but hey, if that's the way it works, fine. Google searches on the phrases in the tracking table make me believe I'll receive it tomorrow. Will I?

Update 2: and now it's in Rotterdam. Unless something weird happens, it will be delivered today.

Update 3: out for delivery. That's right. Give it to me baby. ;)

Update 4: it's here. Time to have some fun.