Ik ben Peter Breuls. Ik schrijf webapplicaties in PHP, filmreviews en onregelmatig iets op deze weblog. Welkom!
Onder de naam Devize ben ik beschikbaar als developer of consultant voor websites of webapplicaties.
Ik ben werkzaam als Administrator bij online community FOK! en als Lead Developer bij frontoffice-leverancier SIMgroep.


Web, Dev & Technologyreageer

Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC: "... the 3g iPhone is indeed a thing of beauty - and I love turning my phone into a light sabre as much as the next man. But the GPS can't find me four times out of five, the SMS application takes an age to launch, there's no cut and paste - and the battery barely lasts beyond 4pm on a busy day. Whereas the 2g iPhone now does almost everything the new one does - via the 2.0 software - with longer battery life. There. I'll shut up again now - and let the Mac-bashers and boosters have another go."